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Dressage Seminars/Clinics

All of our courses are designed to bring Harmony and Balance to you, as a Rider.  They further go to increase the horse's gymnastic and training abilities and improve harmony to the relationship between you and your horse.  All training is competition focues and explores elements of Classical Equitation and Training. 

Dressage with Soul

This course embrasses the Love in your dressage training.  Utilising Meditation and Yoga as a basis for dressage training, it creates calmness, happiness and serenity.   

Riding the Training Scale

The Training Scale is a development program.  But it is rarely understood or implemented in a rider's everyday training. This Seminar covers the German Training Scale and how to incorporate it into your everyday training and competition regime.  It looks at each of the components, the factors that are essential to establish at each level as well as the exercises to measure progress.
Shahron originally did this course herself with the ex head trainer of the German FN and has direct experience in implementing The Training Scale into everyday development programs.
The day will cover a participating lecture and a private riding lesson including assessment of your horses development using the principles of the Training Scale.  This clinic is open for all rider levels for horses 4yo (under saddle for at least 6months) to Grand Prix.  Like all our courses, it is an intense day of learning and development.

Classical Schooling
This Seminar covers German, French and Classical schooling principles and exercises for a more gymnastic, a more competitive happy horse.   The day will cover lectures, a demonstration and a private riding lesson looking at exercises using classical principles to easily strengthen and develop your horse to make it more competitive and sustainable.  This clinic is open for all rider levels for horses 4yo (under saddle for at least 6months) to Grand Prix.  Like all our courses, it is an intense day of learning and development.

Stillness & Ease - Ride like a God(dess)

This one is for anyone who admires the ability to sit quietly in balance and harmony with their horse. It looks at how your individual body works and how it affects the horse when you're in the saddle. This leads to ease of movement for the horse, increased freedom and confidence for horse and rider.
It covers practical theories of motion and movement when riding, individual body assessment, effects of your body on the horse, corrective measures and awareness, techniques for developing balance and stillness, use of aids and their effectiveness, riding postures, developing balance and one-pointedness, breathing for strength and balance.  It also covers work under saddle with your horse to put to practice your new body and riding awareness.

All our teachings are INTENSE learning experiences.  Encompassing practical and theory sessions, they are for those who want to learn - really want to learn.

Relevant for beginners to advanced riders. Suits young horses to the advance horse


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